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I Am a hunter and love the dogs, alive in Tuscany to the city of Livorno, author of the book " To know the Segugio Maremmano, a specialist dog for the boar-shooting, one new Italian race
Segugio Maremmano
Technical characteristics of the Hound of the Maremma, a dog, always hunters of the Maremma.

For all those who have believed in quality hunting of Hound Maremmano, the formalization of the breed is an expected event and applauded. The merit of this success can be attributed to dogs who have distinguished themselves for their hunting skills, flaunting their quality.
Hound maremmano:
Morphological Standard ENCI shall act No. 192/03/SB of 07/07/2003
Additional registration Approved (RSR) SO-CALLED Enci 2009 del17.03.

Recognition as from publication, is an act due to culture Tuscany Maremma, Canine, Italian

For those who have not lived our territorial reality, I wish to talk about this breed noting the context in which the dog, was born, and has been used by tweaking the natural gifts, spontaneously so "craft" in line with the requirements of use, in time, from farmers and hunters who for canine heritage have always made use of this subject. I emphasize, As already expressed on other occasions, that many breeds of dogs rely, in the expression of his name, membership of the homeland. The Maremma gave birth this dog, and it has respected the criteria developmental genetic in accordance with its geographical and configuration of the forest. In this context is born and identifies the dog, today all heritage, but should not be forgotten its provenance.
A dog that needs and living conditions of its holders has contributed to the economy of the peasant family, therefore used for many forms of hunting (Fox, marten, Porcupine, rabbit, Hare, wild boar). Today its usage is mainly directed towards the boar hunting. The bark to the wild, I defined a dowry.
A hound, any race belongs must be complete for hunting, therefore equipped by mother nature of canonical qualities of search, juxtaposition, bark to Fermo (in boar) and followed; each of these actions must be conducted in compliance with the staff standard working breed of belonging. The working trials, performed in vacant or adequate fencing, and tried by judges responsible to verify and certify their attitudes.
The search in our dog is characterized by quick movement of taking land, hunting in the Woods left by leverages Emanation (wild boar) passes, sniffing the twigs, Briers, or what else might be useful to incorporate the usta left for rubbing on vegetation. A dog expert flowing track with speed without giving the impression of sniff, but for him is a path that has in its receptive organs of the nose. This is facilitated by its morphological structure being the height at the withers of average 50 centimeters, and a length of the neck rightly proportionate, is to have a "scope" of the nose the contact point that the boar cedes to pass to the vegetation, this condition that causes through the elaboration of intellectual capacity to issue entry. This characteristic makes certain to identify Maremmano as "abbaione" in some cases or subjects this can be, but usually this barking port accordingly to the burrow or remittance (lestra). His olfactory allow under adverse conditions of sniffing the ground, especially in the morning, dissolved in any way will be an ongoing continues without too many returns on the ground location.
Important, search, ground conditions (is this a constant for all forms of hunting) if wet, dry, wet for frost or washed for rain at night. Other affected is the wind: If Norton cool temperate in months, warm and dry in summer, while those from the South, especially for Woods overlooking the sea where the action of the wind carries particles saline and these "capture" the usta, you may have a favourable condition, but detrimental if summer heat. The entry in the search, just loose, he may be exuberant with data on the ground to the enthusiasm of be free, and aware of what is preparing to
make, but passed the first moments, must be weighted and issued only on secure track, with pauses the where is less the usta, then resume rhythmical and posting. In the recovery of the trace, to break occurred, in addition to good nose count much the intelligence of the person who appeals through memory, on its experience, he started circumspectly sniffing areas where greater chances of reunification. The timbre of voice must not be deep (bass), howling (sign this even of foreign influences, particularly French) but must be dry and decided, clean, sparkling. Any dog hound species if used boar is brought to work in the forest, and often escapes from the conductor, the voice, a reflex, is very useful to man, the Hunter, because signals and where it is and what it is doing so as to enable the latter to approach and "serve" the dog, if necessary with injunctions and other, sometimes in subjects young, giving trust with his presence.
The combination.
You have the combination where the subject or more elements, found track useful, both this night or boar moving, is preparing to move closer to the wild, a condition preferable is the voice that means the action.
The approach or the combination can be different in the case of night pass or trace of animal movement, and varied depending on climatic conditions and quality of the forest.
The Maremma emits voice, and thickly maquis, where the wild boar can "allestrare" (accovare) and have a defense, soon you will lead to the barking at stationary, while in other environment (bosco trunked), where remittances are more difficult and poor security, the wild boar will tend to scroll trying that best suited to him and the juxtaposition, transposed the usta, becomes more long, laborious, usually always characterised obsession, by speech, which will be continued and more accentuated in pace as more is the approach the wild. During the last night, the smell is receding as far is the accovatura in lestra, and tracking can be sometimes hen breaks ground vary. The dog, otherwise, that will be on track of wild in motion must have recourse to his experience, because it is true that the smell stronger will allow greater reception and speed, but the craftiness and instinct of survival in the wild, challenge the intelligence and the capacity of the Maremma. In the search was enunciated as environmental conditions can influence the method. The expression, the issuance of entry must be a rule for all breeds segugie
The bark to fermo
Is this the moment sublime in his hound maremmano, the dog will voice variandola from that given in previous phases, the tone will be deeper and much appreciated when with rhythm, in doubles. The intelligence, sagacity now must demonstrate why faced is the enemy, the olfactory papillae undrinkable strong, is nearby and fierce, sometimes ready to attack where sees the chance of hitting. The constant barking with determination and courage must not be index of recklessness. The entry must be emitted decided but aware, any move made, must be in function of those in the wild, and not to fear, when the entry is tremula, indecisive or missing, indicates a subjection, sometimes the memory of a meeting did at a young age for a hasty will of a rapid dressing code. Among the races of hounds, the Maremma is perhaps one of the best abbaiatori to standstill and ability to deal with one or more wild only, while holding head with his grit, constancy and stubbornness, that sometimes it may be several hours, without ever stopping any pending an external aid, be it by the conductor as one or more companions that coincide.

The Followed
This action is generally caused by the use of multiple actors working in dumb you are brought before the King of the forest, and the concerted and incrementing courage due to the number of subjects, pushing or boar moving, go on the run, trying to disperse the looming danger created. In contrast the dumb perceives both by the sense of smell is
audibly, sometimes even visually, deviation of wild and consequently also convincingly, generating a followed or canizza. The Hound maremmano during this phase will change the heading, by emitting a sound loud and continuous said also spur behind the prey that he will run in accordance with the land, until you stop again by finding a thick where defend then following action of dogs. In followed it is known that the wild boar can create distractions making rapid and abrupt path directions (some call these gimmicks "hook" or "ficchetto"), with foul dogs that maintaining the direction lose track, with consequent loss of voice. The Hound maremmano from many defined "specializes in hunting wild boar", with the experience, method, insight, intelligence, not least the rhythm that produces in race followed always giving voice, facilitated by its morphological conformation, succeeds in short to resolve the foul produced by wild, why and well remember that the more time passes in the resolution, more and more difficult will be reunited. With muscles, not burdened by the mole body because dog medium size produces a followed pressing, wetsuit has compared and believes in "dog head" neglecting other odors when the latter emits voice. A dog sociable fond and faithful to whoever feeds but especially to whoever leads to hunting.
Note genetics.
Who has had the opportunity to see work race, will have noticed how avails over that of snuff, eyesight, hearing. Know best simply these senses. The olfactory apparatus. The smell is the most developed in the dog (about 10 million times more than man), nose and nasal are organs more intuitive that make us think about the qualities of the dog. The nose includes the tip that truffle and also plays its part, because it helps stimulate with the secretion of certain cells (nose wet) the disciogliersi of particles of odours, which with nasal breathing go into contact with sensitive cells of the barrel, these stimuli that are sent to the brain determine an answer, in our case is the voice. Hearing how smell is a way to sviluppatissimo in the dog, can perceive sounds that the human ear does not distinguish, equal typically for all breeds, takes advantage of its ability in high frequencies (over 35 Khz against 20 of man). Sometimes in combination lost track on foul also uses this trick to continue the action. The view, even if less than that of man sees better objects that move if he himself in movement, is very sensitive to what moves suddenly, given the breadth of his visual field, due to the position of the eyes. I don't want to be misunderstood. The Hound of the Maremma is a dog with a good insight, intelligence, method with distinct attitudes for hunting wild boar, good an underarm action and abbaiatore, for genetic heritage, which sometimes if in conformation causes difficulties of the terrain, or passage of wild in the area where the enactment is not, a watercourse, if expert can benefit even what nature has endowed, typically all hunting dogs and not.
This is the hound maremmano hunting and its data. The recognition to breed by the ENCI rightly done by vehicle, in fact, its expansion has spread throughout Italy and has crossed.
Always in the selection of Hound Maremmano there was Exchange and valid research subjects, this is her story, they built the features described above, but ALWAYS with the aim of improving the quality.
A warning to those who think may be a dog for every need, for all territories. The man to his use and consumption has gifted the duzina of a multitude of breeds, experience, intelligence of the user must be able to distinguish the one appropriate to your situation, its uses, and territories.

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