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"Less is more"
it is a engagement to assume the direct responsibility for the effectiveness of our communication;

advertising studio
it is an agency that it has chosen to remain small in order to manage in autonomy her versatility and the quality of services carried out;

we make our job with chosen partners on the base to sharing same values, therefore 'small but not alone'.

Advertising Studio
isn't like the others, it doesn't have overstructures and our costs are exactly those of your plans;

we believe in the following affirmation of the great academics of the marketing: good communication is made in good companies.

we think
that we must be creatives also in the more strategic situations but it is necessary to begin to think to consolidate the
brand with sobrie and directed actions;

in order to obtain fast results we place the market and customers in the middle of the interest, not your product, because the market always changes and your products must to chase it with new and comunicative media, unconventional too.

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BS 101
Research and innovation in hunting, for dog handlers, or studying and managing fauna.

BS 101 is designed to meet the requirements of many hunters and dog handlers, using extremely precise, reliable and easy-to-use localizers.

BS 101 ha solved the problems associated with radio wave devices, such as: false signals caused by the radio waves bouncing off natural obstacles such ad mountains; interference and disturbance caused by other radio devices; disturbance caused by the presence in the zone of high tension networks, power stations and other things, which all limit the potential functionality.

The BS 101 has solved the following problems associated with the use of GSM/SATELLITE systems. For most of these complex and costly systems you need to buy a Sim Card for each single dog and sign a contract with the telephone company, meaning an additional cost every time you have to search for the dog. Furthermore, many hunting areas arenít covered by the network and coverage is essential for most of these devices to work.

BS eliminates such inconveniences by multiplying reliability and functions, it does not require the use of the Sim Card, so the user must not pay any telephone, activation or management.


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